Real Estate Market Trends 2021

Wednesday Mar 24th, 2021


With this prolonged 2020 pandemic, most economists were anticipating adverse effects on Canadian real estate market including for 2021 but as the year is unfolding, it is rather turning out to be opposite. There is excess demand among buyers and limited supply to go around. Deflating interest rates would be partly to blame for this. Nevertheless, here are some emerging trends we see present in the 2021 Real Estate market: #1: People moving from major cities to smaller suburbs COVID-19... [read more]

Benefits Of Buying & Selling Homes during Winter Months

Friday Jan 15th, 2021

home selling in winter

Despite all the drawbacks and what one might think, since there was a considerable dip in mortgage ratges few years back, Canada's real estate market (especially GTA area) is quite favorable even during winter months. Surprisingly, there are advantages to both home buyers and sellers looking at their real estate sale & purchase options in the winter months. For those home sellers who have an average looking home, this may prove to be the right time since there will be fewer homes of a... [read more]

Real Estate Or Mutual Funds, Where To Invest in Post COVID world?

Saturday Dec 26th, 2020

real estate investment

Most investors at some point of their life get into this classic debate of real estate versus equities, which one is better investment vehicle, and which will return more yields when invested in? If you still don't know the answer and are juggling between the decision to either invest in the Canadian real estate market or the stock market, then here's your cue if your focus is Canadian market. Let's get to the basics first.  Essentially, real estate simply means land or... [read more]

Some Insight into Real Estate Bidding Wars of Greater Toronto Area

Sunday Feb 4th, 2018


Bidding wars have been a part of GTA’s Real Estate Industry for at least a decade. We saw bidding wars happen while interest rates were double than what they are today i.e. before 2005, during the 2008 recession and first quarter of 2017. Globe and Mail (2017) published an article showing multiple properties that sold $200,000 (56%) over asking. Naturally, this led to an unsustainable market, where prices began to dip after the implementation of new rules, leaving our market in 2018 to be... [read more]

5 Things to Consider before Buying Real Estate for Investment in Ontario Canada

Thursday Feb 1st, 2018


Real Estate as Investment is only type of asset you can purchase which can appreciate as well as generate income at the same time. GTA real estate investments has proven again and again that it is very stable, giving exceptional appreciation year after year so can be considered one of the best types of investments in Greater Toronto Area. Overall far more safe and rewarding then volatile stocks or GICs reaping hardly any reasonable interest rates even to keep up with... [read more]

5 Things to look in a Real Estate Agent

Thursday Feb 1st, 2018


The Greater Toronto Area has many reputable real estate agents & brokers to choose from. However, you need an agent that can meet your buying/selling requirements with the utmost aptitude. Below are five of the imperative traits you should look for in a real estate agent or broker to help you with your real estate needs: 1. Experienced & Full time Realtor: This may come as a surprise to you but fact is that many of Real estate agents in greater Toronto area are part timers i.e. Real... [read more]


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