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Benefits Of Buying & Selling Homes during Winter Months

Friday Jan 15th, 2021


Despite all the drawbacks and what one might think, since there was a considerable dip in mortgage ratges few years back, Canada's real estate market (especially GTA area) is quite favorable even during winter months. Surprisingly, there are advantages to both home buyers and sellers looking at their real estate sale & purchase options in the winter months. For those home sellers who have an average looking home, this may prove to be the right time since there will be fewer homes of a similar type in the market to give you tough competition. This gives them a competitive advantage, unlike other seasons. The less there is to compare, the quicker you can proceed with sales and that too for top dollar.

Likewise, home buyers will also have lesser competition as there are fewer home buyers for house hunting at this time of the year. It means that you will be in a better position to negotiate and/or at least get your dream home without getting into multiple offer situations, wherein going over asking is sometimes unavoidable.

Wakeup and get best results when rest of buyers and sellers are sleeping!

Here are 5 ways for home sellers to present their homes during winter to make the best sales. If you do it right, you can really make your house stand out even in this slow market.

  1. Keep snow and ice at bay: If the buyer can't get inside your compound or house easily, it becomes less likely for the house to sell. So make sure that you keep your walkways and driveways free of ice and snow. Maintaining your homes and clearing off the snow during winter is just as equivalent as trimming your lawns during summer to make your house look beautiful. If you find it difficult to do it yourself, then you can simply hire a service that will regularly salt or shovel the driveway and sidewalks.
  1. Keep it Warm & Cozy: In the summer, you can't have that fireplace going. A great house feature that goes significantly underappreciated in the warmer months can now be turned into a potential advantage and presented well during the winter months. Suppose you are currently living at the property, and you intend to just step out during the appointment time before a buyer comes through. In that case, you can simply turn on the fireplace and adjust the thermostat to a warmer temperature. This will help to make your house look welcoming. 

You can also consider more ways to make your house cozy, such as putting a warm throw on the sofa or folding back the bed's thick comforter. To create a good atmosphere, tune the radio to the local classical station at low volume. Anyone coming out from cold chilling winds into a warm and cozy feeling home will "Feel At Home."

  1. Give the home a pleasant aroma: A good smell is something no one can resist, be it on yourself, on your clothes, or even in houses. And what better time to spread a great aroma than during winter? By default, the Winter season smells like freshly baked cookies, hot apple cider, cinnamon, and nutmeg, etc. These will surely please anyone who walks through those doors. But don't overdo it, either. Scented candles in every room or those plug-in air fresheners can leave buyers wondering what you're trying to mask. Watch the bad smells, too. Pet smells, smoke, and musty odors can put off.
  1. Take advantage of natural light: Everybody wants a home filled with love, light, and happiness. We strongly encourage showing off the natural beauty of your house during the high-daylight hours. Make the most of the light you have. Have the curtains and blinds cleaned and open them as wide as possible and keep the windows spick and span during daytime showings. If you have to show in the evening, clean all the lamps and built-in fixtures, and replace the bulbs with the highest wattage that they will safely accommodate. Before you show the house, turn on all the lights without fail.
  1. Make your home look Inviting: To make the most of your home's wintertime look, make sure that all autumn leaves, any dead tree branches, and any remainders of the previous season are gone. Use Christmas lights, winter wreaths, and dried arrangements around the front entry door or porch to spark festive interest. 

You can even plant urns, cedar, or pine boughs that are full of festive greenery—the fuller, the better. You can also tuck in sprigs of holy, dried berries, magnolia leaves, corkscrew hazel, or red osier branches, with silver ball ornaments and perhaps gold wire ribbon woven through the arrangement. Set up the dinner table with the good china and silver. Have a plate of cookies for your guests, some warm cider or coffee, etc., to make them feel invited.

All of the above tips will help you turn your house into a beautiful and cozy haven, which will help you get top dollar for your home.

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