5 Things to look in a Real Estate Agent

Thursday Feb 01st, 2018


Greater Toronto Area has 1000s of Real estate agents to choose from. All real estate agents have their own specialities and traits and limitations, you need to find one who meets your needs the best. Here below are 5 most important points which you may consider before finalizing your GTA Realtor.

1. Experienced & Full time Realtor: This may come as a surprise to you but fact is that their maybe 1000s of Real estate agents in greater Toronto area but most of these Realtors are part timers i.e. Real estate is their part time business along with their regular 9 to 5 job. Statistics show that approx. 60% of Realtors in GTA only sell 3 or fewer houses in a year. It is fine for a part timer as it is decent money along with a full time salary but what about the home Buyer or Seller? If you won’t let yourself be touched by a part time doctor, how can you let a part timer handle such a large transaction for you? There are 100s of Professional & reputed Real estate agents to choose from, who are 10+ Years in this business and are successful in making Real estate as their full time career. With so many Realtors around, everyone know atleast 2-3 real estate agents. If they're qualified based on above criterias, that is great as they're also someone you know but if they're not, then you're gambling with what may be one of the biggest investment of your life.

2. Availability: One of the biggest frustrations for people is a lack of communication from their agent. Among 100s of Professional full time Realtors, you’ll find those who over load themselves handling 20 clients at a time or the ones to who maintain a balance between their personal life and work with only taking 3-4 clients at any given time. If you give 2 hours to work of each client a day, that equals to 8-10 hours of work. More can only be handled by giving lesser time to each, which may lead to compromises somewhere or they may let it be handled by inexperienced subordinates.  Remember that Balanced Individual Realtors will always take your business very seriously and for that they need time and availability.

3. Should be Aggressive yet Polite: You’ll come across many real estate agents in this business who will not stop bragging about how big they are and their accomplishments. Well seasoned Realtors always listen to needs of their clients first and will never be pushy without making sure you're satisfied. They’ll be sensitive towards your needs and will pay attention to small details. However, when it comes to marketing your house for sale, condo for sale or finding your dream home, they’ll be aggressive to deliver fast results.

4. Should be tech savvy: I won’t be surprised if you come across old school real estate agents who still do everything on paper and make proud claims to be advertising in newspapers in today’s digital world where most home search starts with a Google. A real estate agent that can use technology with ease is going to be more current on the markets in the area, will present your property well online & to vast audience as well will make your life easy by using digital signature software’s. What that means to you is that you don’t have to take the time from your busy schedule to meet the real estate agent just for signing any documents and for reviewing offers/counter offers etc. Everything can be done digitally right from your cell phones in less then 1 minute. That saves lots of time and many times in competitive markets, it may be the difference between you getting or not getting the deal done in time sensitive real estate market. Plus being paperless keeps all records available for future reference and is also environment friendly.  

5. Do a self reference check: Don't hire any Realtor just because they are your friend or relative or one of your friends used them in past. Transaction of this size should be handled with outmost professionalism, which you will agree only a professional and experienced Realtor can handle. More then just being professional and experienced, they should be customer service oriented individuals, who are willing to walk an extra mile to satisfy your real estate needs. Good Real estate agents don’t have anything to hide and most of the time, internet won’t let any bad reputation be hidden. Just Google their name to see what comes up. Don't rely on any paid rating websites, review their professional profile on reputed websites like Linkedin to se if any one has given them any reference. If you don’t find anything, ask them to provide references. As I said, good realtors have nothing to hide and past clients are best source of reference for any real estate agent reviews. 

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